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Together we can make a difference
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That's right...I'm not a politician. 

Carlos A. Navarro, originally from New York City, has resided in Florida for
most of his adolescent and adult life. Known as a Central Florida native, Carlos
A. Navarro is a proud resident of the City of DeLand.

A dedicated husband and father - his inspiration in every endeavor –
continues to be his purpose and motivation for every “tomorrow.”  Carlos
values the importance of building a solid family foundation and lives for the
special moments they create and share daily.

Carlos is a positive and uplifting person who believes in living life to the
fullest.  With a diverse professional background, he has always chosen to
“find the good,” the “lesson,” or the “personal connection” in every position
he has held. Throughout his career(s), Carlos recognized that by choosing
a positive mindset in any given situation, he could remain motivated while
motivating others. Living daily with a motto he created with his wife , “To the Top, Never Stop!”
Carlos’ goal is to keep family, culture, and Florida history at the center of his pursuit in supporting the City of DeLand build upon its strong foundation.

Carlos’ 22-year entertainment career spans multiple media forms, including
radio, television, film, computer gaming, and comedy. Appearing in numerous
television and film productions, Carlos is known for his role as “Enrique” on
the hit Disney+ television series "Hawkeye” as well as the role of

Alvaro on the popular AMC series "The Walking Dead.” In addition to his
television and film career, Carlos is a long-reigning co-host of the #1-
morning talk show, “Monsters in the Morning” (Orlando and Nationwide) on
Real Radio 104.1 FM and iHeart Radio.

Above all, his most notable role is the husband of DeLand native Megan
(Clifton) Navarro, father to two daughters (Lennon and Magnolia), a proud
supporter of his family’s local businesses, and a committed friend to many.  



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